Summerfest 2016 Tickets On Sale

Published 07-May-2016

Tickets went on sale for Summerfest 2016 on Friday night and within 2 days we are almost sold out!

We might have suspected that, since folks who've attended in past years were already phoning a month in advance to ask when tickets would be available, even though the event isn't until Friday, June 3rd.

What makes Summerfest everybody's favorite outdoor party?  Is it roaming among the bars and serving tables, tasting (and re-tasting) more than 40 fabulous wines, all of which can be taken home at 25% off? Is it being able to taste unlimited small plates of Chef Ian Winslade's creative cuisine? Perhaps it's just meeting and talking to all the fascinating people who attend each year. There's plenty of time to enjoy all -- the party starts at 6:30 pm and ends at 10+ pm.

You can read more about Summerfest and see the menu by clicking the button...

Summerfest Info