Atlanta Journal Review Praises Murphy's

Published 28-Apr-2016

Our Atlanta restaurant has enjoyed many nice reviews over many years, but perhaps the best ever is the one just written, nearly 35 years after Murphy's began.

In the April 28, 2016 edition of the Atlanta Journal Constitution and on, food critic Ligaya Figueras penned a long article that summarizes what folks have loved best about Murphy's...

"here, the food, beverages, service and décor are fresh, vibrant and full of character, very much like Va-Hi itself."

Her conclusion...

"Considering the seasonality and execution coming from the kitchen; beverages — wine, in particular — that attempt to match the food in quality and offering; service that is both proficient and pleasant; and a space with so many nooks and crannies that it’s hard to say which is the best seat in the house (it depends on why you’re there), when I take a seat at Murphy’s I am getting a lot for a reasonable price, and far better than any other “neighborhood” restaurant I know. Like I said, I want to move in."

We certainly hope she's still here in 35 years when the AJC reviews us then.

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