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The Form of Chardonnay

Murphy's Wine Shop - Thursday, November 29, 2012
Plato argued that the true essence of physical objects is their Form– the non-physical concept of that particular thing’s ideal.  In short, it’s really tough to actually make a perfect circle in the physical world, but we all know what a perfect circle should be – we understand it’s form.  I think certain wines can have a Form in Plato’s sense of the word.  Some perfect ideal of what they should be . . . where the fruit, acid, earth, and oak (if appropriate) exist in perfect harmony for that specific grape, and for that specific region.  In some respects, I think this is how we all evaluate wine – holding up each sip to some ideal experience that we somehow comprehend, but only exists somewhere in the ether.  For me thisForm is especially strong for the Chardonnay grape, and it’s particular incarnation found in the heart of Burgundy’s Cote de Beaune.  I can’t proclaim that today’s offer is a perfect Chardonnay, but it must be close to some archetype for modern,reasonably-priced Meursault, hinting at the universal, ethereal,Platonic Form.  This is a stunning Meursault from it’s own walled vineyard site, brand new to the Georgia market, and there are only a few cases available so please reply-to-reserve yours now.  I love this wine!

Chateau Genot-Boulanger Meursault
Clos Du Cromin 2009

Bottle Price: $69.99/bottle

Case Price: $59.82/bottle!!

You white Burgundy fans will rejoice at how delicious this wine is, and will appreciate that this is actually a great value. Toasted brioche, and hints of baked apple with a beautiful mineral character. Like most great Meursault, there is a richness set around a firm, acidic core that holds this tight on your palate, and hints at this wine’s longevity.  There’s a whiff of something not too different than the aroma of bird seed that sits gently alongside the oak character, lending complexity.  The finish is long, but in a clean, sophisticated way that makes each sip feel complete.  Like the satisfaction of finishing a jigsaw puzzle, but then all you want to do is start another one.  Drinkable now, but I would love to see how this evolves over the next decade.

There is very little of this wine made, and there’s only a few cases available in Georgia.  The wine will be here Friday, so pleasereply-to-reserve yours now.  This would be a great gift for wine nerds, or any Chardonnay fans on your shopping list (yourself included!) who want to experience what Burgundy is all about.

Please email me if you're interested in any of this beautiful Meursault!

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Wine Consultant
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