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100 Point '09 Bordeaux Pop-Up Wine Dinner

Murphy's Wine Shop - Sunday, January 20, 2013

What a crazy week in wine over here at Murphy's!

This Wednesday, Tom Murphy hosted a 100-Point '09 Bordeaux Dinner that featured some purely stunning wines, and an amazing 4-Course Fine-Dining menu from Chef Ian Winslade!

Several of our guests were generous enough to bring earlier vintages of these great Bordeaux so we were able to do some side-by-side tasting.  Personally, I thought the '03 Chateau Clos Fourtet was drinking the best, but all the '09's showed incredible depth and concentration.  Hope to taste them again in 15 years!

We're helping people plan more great wine events at Murphy's this year so if you're interested in a high-end wine/food event for some friends or clients contact a Murphy's Wine Consultant at

Here's a clearer shot of some greatly enjoyed empties.  That '96 Dujac in the foreground was an "off-topic" treat from one of our guests.  Don't make those like they used to!